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About me

My name is Matthew Brading and I am excited to be your teacher this year! I promise you will learn new things and leave at the end of the year saying, "That was the best class I ever had!"

This is my 20th year to teach, and I still love it.   I am a life-long learner, and am currently working on my doctorate degree in education (EdD).  
1 - "Red Class"  World Cultures - 6th Grade
2 - "Orange Class"  Texas History - 7th Grade
3 - "Blue Class" World Cultures - 6th Grade
4 - "Green Class" Texas History - 7th Grade
5 - Advisory (7th Grade) then lunch
6 - "Purple Class"  World Cultures - 6th Grade
7 - Conference Period  1:30-2:15 pm
8 - "Brown Class" World Cultures - 6th Grade
9 - "Gray Class"  World Cultures - 6th Grade