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Functional Academic

Welcome to Farley Middle School


I want to welcome you and your child to Farley Middle School.  My name is Alison Gass.  I am one of the functional academic teachers at FMS.  I’m so excited to teach in Hutto ISD for the 2nd year.


I will start my 14th year as a functional academic teacher in the Fall.  My passion is working with children/adults with special needs.  My goal every year is to challenge my students to become as independent as possible and to educate their parents of different programs their child qualify for.


My husband, Chuck, and I foster 3 adult men with special needs in our house.  Joey, who is my brother in law, has Fragile X and severe ADHD.  The other two fosters are diagnosis with Angelman Syndrome and Autism.


Libby is my 5 year old daughter and the light of our lives.  With fosters and Libby, they keep us active with the extra activities.  The guys are busy with Special Olympics and Libby has softball, dance and swimming lessons.


I am a caregiver to different clients outside of the school district.  The clients I work with are involved with MDCP, PCP, and CLASS.  I am very active in learning laws, programs and lists the special needs community qualify and/or receive.


Please feel free to ask anything of me.  If I do not know the answer; I’m confident I can find someone who knows.


The following tasks are a few activities the class is involved in on a daily/weekly basis.



  Filling paper in the copy machines

  Making tea for the faculty


  Library: dusting/cleaning

  Wiping tables/ setting up faculty lounge

  Sell items to the staff (sodas, cookies, etc.)

  (Proposed) Sell school supplies to students

  Chores in our class (sweeping, wiping tables, organizing shelves, etc.)



  Working in the school’s garden

  Workbox tasks

  Cooking for faculty, police, firefighters, cookies, etc.

  Motor lab and walk

  At least 1 or 2 Community Base Instruction outings a month

                Ex. Walmart, Mario’s, HEB, fire station, police station, bowling

 Make goodie bags for multiple student groups (assemble and deliver)



When the students sell from our fundraising cart, this helps the student to communicate with adults/students in a safe environment (at school) and then we will move to challenge this skill to the community to meet their needs and wants.

We are part of the Happy Hippo Buddy Club.  This is a peer social buddy club that matches a student with a student that has a disability.  Our buddies have the opportunity to attend field trips, lunch, and social meetings we have after school.  This is a great time for our kids to merge with the general population at Farley MS.  Some of our activities is to cook our snack and have an arts and craft project during our meetings.  The students learn how to socialize with their peers.



The Buddy Club sponsors two dances for the 16-17 school year. (Halloween and Valentine’s)  The students had so much fun at the Valentine’s dance.  The buddies decorated the cafeteria for our HS and MS functional academic students.  During the month of May, the elementary and middle school functional academic classes socialize together at Fritz Park.  At this time, the teachers and parents have the opportunity to talk about the student.

The buddies will attend our field trips to help our students in the community.  An example of this would be the buddy will walk through Walmart, escorted by an adult also, and direct a child to the correct aisle and find the items on their grocery list.  We have also attended restaurants to learn how to socialize with peers in an eating environment.



We meet the child where they are and then challenge them to go further.  From knowing their number, writing their name to knowing what happened at the end of a passage, our team is ready to meet your child’s needs.  We have IEPs but in our class we will go beyond.