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European Vocabulary Study Guide Answers

We will have a vocabulary test on Thursday over the words we have covered in our unit over Europe.  Students completed a Study Guide today in class and will bring it home to review tonight.  I have attached a copy of the words and definitions in case you need another copy.  They will have a word bank for the test.  We have gone over several tips and tricks to help us remember words and they should do great!

7th Grade Texas History--Trouble Erupts Again Guided Reading

Finish reading Trouble Erupts Again handout.  Write main idea beside each paragraph and answer questions in the margin.  Due tomorrow at beginning of period. 

7th Grade Texas History--First Conflicts Guided Reading

Read paragraphs 1-9 on Lesson 2: First Conflicts handout.  Write the main idea for each paragraph on a separate sheet of notebook paper.  Answer questions 
1-7 that are on the side of the handout.  This is due tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan.  13)

6th Grade Homework Week of October 13-16

6th grade--Remember your Canada and Greenland Homework is due Friday, October 16